Letter to the Editor by Kathy Johnson

Continued Unfair Elections in Santa Clara

Santa Clara claims to be dedicated to fair elections, but their actions speak otherwise. The City decided not to hire an Ethics Officer this year with staff ensuring a fair election. The City Manager, Acting City Clerk, and City Attorney were all hired by the current Council including the Mayor who is up for reelection. The City has failed to address this Conflict of Interest with employees ensuring that their current and future boss is running a fair election. Don’t bite the hand that signs your $700k+ yearly compensation as a City Manager?

An Ethics Officer could’ve reviewed the release date of the 49ers arbitration. The arbitration was completed on June 18th, but released to the residents on August 13th. This win happened to be released the first day Mayor Gillmor launched her campaign. Did the City use this win to jumpstart Mayor Gillmor’s campaign using City tax dollars? Interesting…

Kathy Johnson