Letter to the Editor by Jan Stevenson

Yes on Prop 12 – for farm animals

California voters overwhelmingly passed Proposition 2 ten years ago that required veal calves, mother pigs, and egg-laying hens be given enough room to stand up, lie down, turn around and freely extend their limbs. Despite the success and precedent set by Proposition 2, resistance from California egg producers has resulted in the continued cage confinement of many hens raised in California. And most of the pork sold in our state still come from sows confined in coffin-like cages. This inhumane treatment of farm animals is not only cruel, but it also increases the risk of food poisoning. Scientific studies repeatedly find that keeping animals in extreme confinement increases the risk of food safety threats like Salmonella and E.coli. That’s why the Center for Food Safety endorses Proposition 12 which triggers a shift towards cage-free housing for veal calves, mother pigs and egg-laying hens. A Yes vote on Prop 12 please.


Jan Stevenson