Letter to the Editor by Howard Shafer

I have bicycled Pruneridge between the Apple Campus and Pomeroy and seen no automobiles without concluding that automobiles be eliminated. Neither should Mayor Gillmor conclude that bike lanes be eliminated because she has seen no bicyclists. Pruneridge is a major cycling route to Cupertino High and Eisenhower Elementary. Do not eliminate bike lanes. Fix them.

Merge lanes for cars turning right from northbound Lawrence Expressway onto Pruneridge or for crossing Lawrence Expressway from west to east are dangerous for automobiles and for cyclists. Drivers attempting to turn left onto Harvard from Pruneridge bear some responsibility. City engineers should re-examine the whole Lawrence/Pruneridge intersection and find a way to make it safer for everybody.

Eliminating bike lanes is not the answer. Bicycling is becoming a more and more important part of transportation options. Instead of tearing down Pruneridge’s “Bicycle Friendly City” sign, let’s make our city even more bicycle friendly.


Howard Shafer