Letter From Wolfgang Schaechter

It is time to heal the wounds in Santa Clara that were caused by the 49er Stadium issue. Therefore, I propose these New Year’s Resolutions for the various parties:

The Weekly and Santa Clara Stadium Supporters will stop treating Santa Clara Plays Fair Opponents of the Stadium as mindless nay-sayers, enemies of economic progress, and small-minded folks who can’t see the benefits of the project.

Many, if not most SCPF Supporters are honestly concerned about the financial risk of the Stadium, issues like game-day traffic, and the environmental impact of this huge project.

Stadium Opponents who support SCPF will stop classifying all Santa Clarans by their support or opposition to the Stadium and stop assuming that all supporters are corrupt, stupid, or financially illiterate.

Many, if not most Stadium Supporters think that the project will bring an economic boom to Santa Clara, help City and school finances, and make North side the most attractive area of the city.

In two to five years we’ll know if SCPF almost killed the golden goose — or, Santa Clara was a victim of our own Maddoff scandal. Meanwhile, we have problems in our city and we need to come together to solve them – SCPF Supporters and Stadium Supporters.