Letter From Wolfgang Schaechter

Re: Milestone

Your 29 Dec Milestones poem was delightful! You overcame some tough rhyming problems and sent a worthwhile message that was also funny. After your 5 Jan column, I wanted to send you an email addressed to Don Quixote since you plea for responsible City government was tilting at windmills. We all knew the outcome. Mahan’s disclaimer of even thinking about the appointment before 5 Jan was unquestionably phrased so that she did nothing illegal — being an attorney, she should be an expert in weasel wording.

Your 12 Jan acceptance without protest of Gillmor as the appointee was statesmanship. However, I know you won’t be reluctant to rail against the council majority when they screw up — and you KNOW they will.


Well, if the USA is to survive economically, and it will, the problem will be dealt with. Like in Santa Clara, but that won’t happen until the voters are sufficiently hurt by the service cuts that they wake up.

Yogais Youth