Letter From Vickie Fairchild

Recently, I had a brief conversation with a candidate for City Council. I asked about his endorsement from Santa Clara Plays Fair. He said that was surprised by the endorsement as he hadn’t filled out an application or been interviewed.

Generally, to receive an endorsement from an organization, there is a process. Candidates are invited to apply and participate in interviews. All of the candidates are asked the same questions.

There appears to be no such process for Santa Clara Plays Fair.

While I applaud their anti-stadium efforts, I don’t see being anti-stadium as an indicator of competence or leadership. I don’t even understand how it connects to educational leadership.

Voters need to look at the endorsements (the real ones) and resumes/job history. Past performance is the best indicator of future performance…and we need to elect those who show all of the signs of being collaborative, forward thinking leaders who will promote positive changes for our children.