Letter from Tim Abney

A special interest group wants Santa Clara to be divided in two and force council elections by ranked voting. I don’t want my city governed by a consensus of third choice. When does leadership hinge on ethnic heritage? Perhaps when identity politics blossom in our community. It’s reported that 30% of Santa Clara’s voters are of Asian-American heritage. If every one of them voted for their ethnic candidate, how could they succeed in winning with 30% of the vote? Voters should elect the candidate who is most qualified for the position regardless of racial heritage. No matter the zip code an Asian-American lives in, it’s one citizen one vote. Stressing that no Asian-American has been elected to Santa Clara’s council is egregious rhetoric to force shaming. It’s reported the Asian-Americans who brought this issue dislike the measure because ranked voting is confusing and their voting bloc will be diluted in the at-large election. Santa Clarans should vote “No on Measure A”. I hope this opinion will be published in the paper and online format of the Santa Clara Weekly. Thank you.