Letter From T. M. Hade

Mr. Barber states, “To change things you have to change things.” He then goes on to compare Mr. Honda & Mr. Khanna. Mr. Honda has been in congress a long time while things have gotten worse (with or without his help). Mr. Khanna has changed homes several times trying to get elected to, in my opinion, anything he can get elected to with no success.

Changing one Democrat with another will never change anything just as replacing a Republican with another gets us nowhere.

What the people of this country must do is replace (about) 30%/35% of both houses with Independents which will cause both parties to form “coalitions,” hopefully, for the common good of the American people.

Our two-party system has become corrupt to the point that only the billionaires say how our government works.

I agree with Mr. Barber, “to change things you have to change things.”