Letter from Spencer Hinkle

I greatly resent the tone of your editorial, Milestones of April 6 to 12, 2016, with regard to teacher retirement!  Lumping teacher pensions with that of safety officers is not fair comparison!  I retired after 35 plus years (not 25 years) of public school teaching at 60 plus years of age (not 50 years) in order to receive 90% of my salary.  That final salary was less than half of the final compensation you quoted for a safety officer in your editorial.

My pension was not a free benefit.  The School District and I paid into the State Teacher Retirement System for all the years of employment.  Suggesting that the CalPers and the CalSTERS retirement systems are the same is also misleading.  Your inaccurate statements affect public opinion and State legislation regarding teachers.  Please make an effort to check your facts before you take on this complex subject.