Letter from Sita Stukes

In the final days before the vote to recall Judge Persky is held, Persky’s campaign is once again resorting to baseless attacks on Emily Doe, the victim in the Stanford swimmer sexual assault case. It’s unconscionable how far his campaign has been willing to go to justify Persky’s failure to hold convicted sex offenders accountable.

Persky’s lawyer and the largest donor to his campaign, Jim McManis, is saying that Emily Doe “was not attacked.” This claim has already been thoroughly investigated and unanimously rejected by a jury in Persky’s own courtroom. McManis also claimed Doe’s letter to the court was not written by her. How convenient – so she’s a liar on every front now?

Persky’s failure to take seriously Doe’s assault, and the assaults of victims like her, is exactly why he needs to be recalled. Please vote yes to recall Judge Persky.