Letter From Sipat Family

We would like to have an issue address that is affecting the north end of Santa Clara community. We have had an increasing amount of noise coming from the future site of the 49ers lot, located in the Great America parking log directly across from the 49ers camp.

The noise from cars racing in the parking lot from a preset course. It sounds like we have a drag strip track over in that area. It is increasing disruptive since it is becoming noisier every week. They are there on Saturday and some weeknights. We can easily be awaken at 8 am in the mornings on Saturday and I mean from our own beds and have dealt with the noise all the way until 5 pm or until they decide to finish and this is with the windows closed.

I have contacted the police department and made a compliant some months back, but nothing is done. Our association has called and made the compliant and was told since they have a permit issued by the city and would do nothing. They would not even take the complaints or document the issue as a call to the police.


Is the city hurting so bad in revenues that now they do not even listen to their community who puts that revenue into that very city. The north end has been providing revenue by just the increase in housing and the shopping center for those who live and shop in Santa Clara.

We know the police also been using the same parking lot for their drills in the last year or so, but how do you put a complaint against someone who is suppose to be protecting you. As citizens of Santa Clara, we asking that the issue be looked into and hope it will stop.

This is a peaceful community on the north side the increasing traffic in that parking lot also makes the levee feel unsafe for families using it during these times. Help us keep our community safe.