Letter from Shannon Loucks

The Recall Persky campaign is not about one bad decision. The Brock Turner case may have been a tipping point, but Persky has a history of treating sexual violence dismissively.

Consider the Robert Chain case. Persky sentenced Chain to four days in jail for a felony child porn possession conviction. Four days is well below the six month sentence that this crime typically elicits in Santa Clara County. There are a host of other cases showing Persky’s bias, whether conscious or unconscious, that you can find on the Recall website.

Women are tired of a legal system that refuses to give us access to justice. Over 94,000 voters signed petitions to put this Recall on the ballot, serving as evidence that they have had enough, too. It’s time for a judge that represents our community’s values to have this seat. On June 5th we say times up, enough is enough.