Letter From Rozane Bey-McCurdy

The traffic update meeting on January 20th discussed the horrendous issues we currently experience and the gridlock we will have if our corridors are not fixed now. I left after [the] statement was made that no dollars were attached to Expressway Plan 2040 as there was no money; as a required detailed plan before requesting grant funds is necessary, how sensible.

I returned home to catch the Santa Clara City council meeting, in progress, complete with intense discussion such as logo colors, replacement street lighting and flower baskets to be purchased.

Santa Clara leadership has already deemed debt over original budget to commit the city for a $1.2B stadium; dollars for the gift of a parade for San Francisco brethren and unanimously approved to spend who knows ultimately how much for an International Swim Center.


Infrastructure or petunias? Freeways or freesias? Red or prison orange? City Council is unabashedly irresponsible.