Letter From Rozane Bey-McCurdy

January 4th, the YSP sued NFL after suing Santa Clara previous week.

February 3rd, a civil grand jury investigation was reported pertaining to “withholding and/or obfuscating information related to the operations of Levi’s Stadium, the two-year home of the San Francisco 49ers”; that same day Levi’s canceled Girl Scout event (stance changed due to poor publicity). February 8th, Santa Clara city manager claims hostile working environment leading to investigation & evaluation on same day Mayor Matthews announces “retirement” effective immediately with years left to serve on his term without so much a customary executive transitionary period for colleagues & staff.

He claimed to love his mayoral role & looked forward to future city business after SBL given his past media interviews. He must have become “Seriously Tired” within 24-postgame hours, and since taking a few days off wasn’t sufficient, I hope he has a doctor’s appointment scheduled.