Letter From Ronald Brackney

President Obama’s recent appointment to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals recently withdrew his nomination and rightly so. Professor Gordon Liu unfortunately didn’t understand that he was right in what he said but that his interpretation was wrong. Prof. Liu said the Second Amendment was about the “militia” only and not a personal right to “keep and bear arms.” His error is that at the time of the Constitution’s writing the “militia” was understood to be the “body of the people” who would use their arms to defend themselves, their towns, farms, neighbors and their country if need be. The militia could be “organized” into formal units if that was necessary – today, that is the National Guard. Today, the individual right still exists and embodies the most basic right of all – self defense – which is what the Second Amendment is really about. Now, we have a nomination for the Commerce Department who is the former head of the “Natural Resources Defense Council.” This group is one of the most radical environmental groups in the country that receives millions of dollars from numerous far-left foundations including Ford, Hewlett, Energy, Pew, Turner and McArthur to name just a few. Considering all the other activities of this administration in “regulating” our lives through various agencies and Obamacare, I guess these nominations shouldn’t be a surprise but an NRDC top official for the Commerce Department takes the cake.