Letter from Rob Jerdonek

Doris Modesitt’s letter (April 4) shows a misunderstanding about Proportional Voting (Ranked Choice Voting), which is on the June 2018 ballot as Measure A. Under Measure A, our city will have two districts. We will vote for the three city council seats in our own district by ranking the candidates 1, 2, 3, etc. Unlike what Doris wrote, your vote can only go to a candidate if you actually rank them. For example, if you rank Mary first, Charlie second, and Amanda third, your vote would not benefit an unqualified newcomer “Bob.” Bob only has a chance of winning if enough voters rank him high up in their choices. This form of voting is fair and legal and has been used by millions of voters including several cities in the Bay Area and many colleges and universities.

If Measure A loses, our city could be chopped up into 7 little districts by a judge, without an elected mayor. If so, each of us will only be able to choose ONE candidate for the entire city council! We don’t need to be forced into districts like San Jose. Measure A, devised by Santa Clarans for Santa Clara, keeps our city united.