Letter From Rich Solis

I am writing you today very frustrated and angry.

The majority has taken the Measure J vote as a referendum to do whatever and I do mean whatever they want with regards to the 49er stadium issue.

This was never more evident than at the meeting that was held on 3/21/2011 in which the quintet led by a giddy and somewhat childish mayor voted to allot four million dollars to cover expenses that are proposed upgrades to the lot where the proposed stadium is to be built.


To one’s surprise the majority went ahead and took money that should have been for maybe finishing the youth soccer park or any of the many projects that need attention that the city already has going.

Once again this vote shows exactly where the majority priorities are.

In a city that is facing financial deficits over the next four years that will exceed $60,000,000 collectively should this be a priority when admittedly this move did not need to be made at this time nor for that matter at all.

It would be great if the kind of effort the city staff as well as the majority has put forth on the 49ers were instead put forth on the financial problems we are facing.

Yogais Youth