Letter From Rich Solis

As a resident of Santa Clara, I would like to give a shout-out to all the outside staff at the city’s golf course for the outstanding work they do despite the conditions and situations they have to work under daily.

These are the guys that never get the praise they deserve. Without them, one can only imagine what the city’s golf course would be like.

It’s tough coming to work every day knowing that in a few years they will be losing their jobs when the course closes.

And if that’s not bad enough they have to work in an environment that is more concerned about dusty golf carts and disciplining employees for twenty-five cent errors than the overall morale of its employees.

Not an employee friendly environment.

That’s sad.

To Steve, Sully, Mike, Leo, Bill, Sergio, Miguel, Resondo, Rodrigo, Fernando, and Ramón, thanks for all you do considering.