Letter From Rich Solis

Soccer mom and dads and of course our soccer kids, what would you say if the solution to your problem was simple, and at the city’s finger tips, and will benefit soccer here in Santa Clara long term?

The solution is simple, the hard part is to get the hard headed Ideologues to put their differences aside for the betterment of our kids.

Where can we find venues that will be a win win for everyone?

The answer is the city’s three high schools: Wilcox High School, Buchser High School and Santa Clara High School.

We can take a page from the San Jose Unified School District and follow their lead. Most, if not all, the high school football fields have been reconfigured to accommodate both sports.

Now all we need is for the city and school board to set aside their differences for the good of our kids. Simple solution. Lets get this done.