Letter From Norma Solis

Dear Editor to the Santa Clara Weekly,

I want to thank Mayor Jamie Matthews for taking back our city council meetings and kicking outthat Debbie Bress woman last week. I love watching the city council but I hate listening to her abuse the system and monopolize the meeting.

It made me sick to watchDebi Davis cater to her inflated ego a few weeks ago like some kind of scared puppy. Those two ran amuck worse than I’d ever seen and it made me embarrassed for my city. I don’t watch the city council to listen to her and she’s usually wrong with the facts.Itis notfair that I have to listen to her blather nonsense and lies over and over and over.

Just these past few meetings, when she was gone, and when the Mayor kicked her out, I canwatch and seewhat’s going on in my city. Thanks MayorJamie for representing all of us in Santa Clara not just the vocalobnoxious few.