Letter From Nick Dellaporta

In response to your editorial of 9/11/2013:

  • The San Jose Mercury News pointed out in an article dated 9/11/2013 that not all RDA funds were being moved to County governments and to local schools. The state agreed that some RDA funds of certain cities including Santa Clara could be kept by those cities. Your editorial neglects to include this fact.
  • The 49ers should pay the entire cost of the stadium. No RDA funds or other non-NFL sources should be used to pay for construction of the stadium. The 49ers are not entitled to any money that would otherwise go to schools or local public services.
  • The state has a right to redistribute RDA funds to the county government and local schools because the state has argued justifiably that schools, public safety, healthcare and other local services have a greater need for these funds than redevelopment.