Letter From Nadine Raineri

With the Homestead Little League teams going into their season ending “Playoffs,” it is time to recognize and say a big “Thanks,” to the many men and women who made our season possible. I especially want to acknowledge those who took on the responsibility of Managers, Coaches and Assistant Coaches of the teams. These people gave of their own time, and their families time, to teach, organize, support and counsel boys and girls of all levels of baseball experience and make them into a team. I’m sure it wasn’t easy, but they did it week after week, with the attitude of “We can do this!” The family members who ran the “snack shack,” the helpers who prepared the fields for play before every game, the score keepers. The list is endless of these devoted volunteers who “made it work.” I am a grateful grandmother who has been able to sit in the stands and not only watch my own four sons play baseball in this league, but am now watching my grandsons play in it. How lucky I feel. Go Homestead!