Letter from Mary Jane Jenkins and Maddie Zvalo

Working Together and Going Green

Dear Santa Clara Weekly,

We all notice the trash that blows throughout the city. But what some of us don’t know is where it goes.


Littering is a serious and growing problem. But even when you put your trash in the trashcan, not all people care. So they drop it on the ground figuring that someone will pick it up for them. But most of the time that is not the case.

The wind blows the trash through the storm drain and it ends up at the ocean. The trash can choke animals and kill them. One problem is the storm drain. When they have no grill panels, the trash gets blown into the storm drains. And in the end of its cycle, it ends up killing harmless animals.

But none of these problems will occur if we, as a community, work together to respect the environment and for the Earth.