Letter from Marilyn B

I visited the farmer’s market on last Saturday and managed to get confused when trying to find my car. After an hour or so of walking around lugging heavy bags I gave up and landed on the steps to an apartment complex on the corner of Main street and Benton. it was 100 degrees and I was exhausted (I am 78 years old).  I called for a friend to help me and while I was waiting for her, two young men who lived in the building kindly offered to help and brought me cold water. In this age when it sometimes seems that such thoughtful, respectful, and kind actions are not valued and even derided, I am humbled and delighted to pay respect to these kind souls. I am hoping that this next generation will be our way out of the current quagmire. Their kindness is a bright step in that direction. I wished I had done more to thank them and hope they will somehow see this and know how grateful I am.