Letter From Marc Fontana

I live on the Northside and I do look forward to a new library at Rivermark. Now that the completion of the library is on hold, the Friends of the Library wants my support to finish the library.  They say the county is to blame for the problem. The county isn’t to blame for the construction stoppage, they just want the money they feel and a judge agreed is owed to them.  But the project is on hold because the city of Santa Clara’s Manager requested it.  To those who are so quick to find fault with the County or the state, I have one question: Did the City Council transfer RDA assets improperly (illegally?) to the City? If they did something wrong, they should be accountable at least for mismanaging city resources.  And I read this $19 million is just a small fraction of the $300 million Santa Clara owes.  I think the City managers have some serious explaining to do.

If they knowingly acted unethically, they should face charges.