Letter From Lou Faria and Bob Blake

The article on 1091 Harrison St. lacked factual accuracy.  Numerous exterior changes to this historic home include the back porch removal for a “deck,” an eastside room addition and a large basement window well.  Also there was never a “stop-work order” issued by HLC.  If Carolyn Schuk had actually attended the June HLC meeting, her report would have been more accurate.  When asked, the Harrison homeowner refused to consider two plan changes negatively impacting his neighbor, thus ending the “inquisition.” Her headline, “Historical Becomes Hysterical” was mean-spirited, clearly directed at one resident.  In fact, over 40 Old Quad residents attended the council meeting, voicing their concerns and presenting a nine-page petition inquiring about this project.  We are not aware of Ms. Schuk attempting to interview any of these concerned residents.  We would expect this from “The Enquirer,” but not from a professional journalist.