Letter from Laurel Jones

Dear Santa Clara:

In August of 2012, I will have had the honor of being president of Mission College for two years. In that time I have made many friends and met wonderful college supporters. Because you have opened your arms to me in the community, I wanted to take a minute to say thank you for your care and dedication to the college and for granting me access to mix and mingle in your community.

The latest gossip is that Laurel Jones wants to be an honorary Santa Claran even though she comes from Southern California, and that gossip is actually a fact. I want to especially thank the Santa Clara Rotary, the Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce, the Santa Clara Library, the Santa Clara City Council and my dear friends at the Santa Clara Unified School District. Because of your graciousness, I have come to feel like  a native.

To all of Santa Clara: for your participation in Mission College events and for your time and efforts in helping us become a better educational institution, I am also grateful. In short, it has been a great two years – Thank You!