Letter from Larry Lee

As a small business owner in Santa Clara for many years, I would like to send my congratulations to the publisher of the Santa Clara Weekly. Finally someone in our community is realizing that special interest has been trying to receive favors from some are elected officials by buying their votes. One of the things I have noticed in this election cycle is that we have a recycled long time politician who agreed to the spending cap of $38,300. He has received almost twice that amount and justifies doing this by saying he is going to donate this extra money to other special interest groups in our community; this is just a way for a politician to try buying votes from these special interest organizations. If he would really like to do something for our community he would be returning these monies to the people who gave it to him and telling them to donate to a charity of their choice in the city of Santa Clara instead of buying items at charity auctions and giving them to people he owes favors to. This just goes to prove that the publisher of the Weekly as he has stated in his article (follow the money) and you will know how to cast your vote on Election Day. Your vote counts. (Vote for your community not for special interest.) Congratulations again to the Weekly.