Letter From Kathy Watanabe

There is a special school board meeting this Thursday, March 7, at 7 PM at the District Office Board Room, 1889 Lawrence Road, Santa Clara. All residents of Santa Clara, whether you be a parent, retiree, homeowner, business owner, need to become aware of what is going on at these school board meetings since the new board was seated last December. Nothing is getting done. Meetings go on until the wee hours of the morning and nothing gets done. In the short time the new board has been seated, the district superintendent, Bobbie Plough, and many other good administrators have decided to retire or have left. The children of Santa Clara are losing out because nothing is moving forward in terms of getting programs added back into their education now that the budget is looking better – thanks to Measure A and Proposition 30 passing last year. Instead tax dollars are being wasted on long, ineffective meetings. If this continues, your home values will be at risk. SCUSD and taxpayers deserve better.