Letter From Kathy Kong

On last week’s article on public employees “Run Amuck,” I said to myself this is so true; a recent retired city employee explained to me about the secret bonus plan that high-ranking senior manager get when they retire. Just one week after retirement some can come back to work as a consultant. Return to their old job with their current hourly pay of course. Think about it, retirees receive their monthly retirement check and return to work and get another check as a consultant. They call this the “Big Double Dip.” This has been common practice with the Police, Fire, Public Works and the City Manager’s Office. None of these jobs are posted to the public and there is no competition, just come back and take as much as you can. And some of us wonder why we have high unemployment! Cities going broke! If an employee wishes to retire, that’s great and I’m happy for them. Then leave and don’t come back and give that job to someone who really needs one. With that said I would like to nominate Battalion Chief of Fire Mr. Paul Picchi for the 2012 Santa Clara Scammy award. Mr. Picci retired out of the fire department due to a work-related back injury, so severe that he could not return to work. But wait there is a cure; it’s called the double dip exercise. Nothing like a fat wallet to fix any back ailment. It’s scamming money from the taxpayers. I ask our city officials where does ethical and fiscally responsibility come in to play. How many more recycled high price city employees are we the taxpayer going to support in their golden years?