Letter From Jim Curylo

OK, the joke’s on me. When I finished reading the “Guest Editorial” by the Acting-Assistant City Manager, Carol McCarthy, I was impressed. I was especially interested in the new businesses opening in the city. Then I took up her offer to visit the city’s web site – “Visit the City website santaclaraca.gov to see more information on economic development and the Council priorities for 2011-13, and watch for a special insert on economic development in the September issue of Inside Santa Clara.”

I could find no entry on “economic development” or “the Council priorities” in the santaclaraca.gov web site. I don’t doubt that they exist, but not where I was directed to look. What I did find was repeated “green” and “ethics” entries. If you have to claim either as a priority you probably don’t have any, or at best they are twisted.

So the joke’s on me. At least I know where Santa Clara is located, but it’s many miles away from us living on the “Neglected North-side”.