Letter From Jeanine Woodell

Last night we were jolted from the dinner table with the sound of screeching tires and metal on metal. Rushing out to the front, we witnessed a motorcycle on its side in the road, its driver 50 feet away, writhing in pain. Further down, a family van was pulled to the side with severe damage and crying children. Although this accident was more severe than most, this is the third critical car accident we have witnessed since the City changed the flow of traffic on Pruneridge Avenue between Lawrence Expressway and Pomeroy Avenue.

I realize the intention of the City was to make that stretch of road safer for bicyclists, but in reality, the road has become treacherous for drivers. I’m not aware of the detail of planning that went into the decision to change the traffic flow, but they could not have anticipated the hazard it has created for drivers and residents. By taking the traffic lanes down from four to two with a median and bike lanes on either side, there is not enough flow for the drivers who use this road. The signal at Pomeroy and Pruneridge causes such a back-up that motorists who are used to cruising down that stretch do not have enough reaction time to stop. Rear-enders are common. On a daily basis, we hear the screech of tires of motorists who are lucky enough to stop in time. On a monthly basis, we hear the crash of metal of motorists who are not so lucky. Most incidents seem to occur between 5:00 pm and 6:30 pm.

I would urge the City to research how many accidents have occurred in this area since restructuring this length of street and consider restructuring it before something more fatal occurs.