Letter from Janine Chew

oday is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. I said goodbye to neighbor kids to whom I have been part of their Santa Clara Valley village since birth, and I will continue to be a part of their village from a distance. I’m excited to volunteer to help guide them, play with them, and surround their family and friends with love. Just a little bit of service to others. Tomorrow I will go back to the classroom to help kids be more confident as readers and to help teachers be a little less thinly spread. I help with foster pets once in awhile, and I provide a little basketball play in my driveway for some folks who live in a nearby apartment. It is really no big deal, no sacrifice of time and energy, no reason for accolades. I bet if you look in a mirror, you will see yourself reflected in these words. Like so many in our community, I am a citizen doing a little bit to help out when and where I can. Just a little bit of service. It’s not a problem to lend a hand once in a while. But here is a problem. Today