Letter From James Rowen

Many things have happened to me in my life. I had to move, lost my leg, broke a hip and four ribs, but I guess the greatest pain I suffered was being compared to the Undertaker. As a Ric Flair, it seems silly.

Have I abused the free speech guidelines? Very likely, a regret I cannot explain away, but just take responsibility for, but with full knowledge of what was done to Pat Flot, I can certify the danger of a dowdy ex-school board member and a fussy screwball in a manual wheelchair is minimal. The hate speech found online will get worse given a former sports writer’s known emotional state. How putting a head of an ex-Mayor on a convict’s body is not bullying I am not sure. How claiming a ex union leader is less of a man for being attacked is not bullying I am not sure. What is next? The Russian lawyer and Jed York met over drinks? It does take me a while to get up after being knocked repeatedly down by a wrestling groupie, but have no fear, even my doctors remark of how well I still can.