Letter From James Rowen

The interview done by Carloyn Schuck of Douglas Chan was superb. Carolyn is both Lois Lane and Hedda Hopper. She needs the orchids and gloves. What we see is that Douglas Chan is a cross between Senor Ugate and Joel Cairo, Peter Lorre of slime. Beyond anything else is the vicious attack on Kathy Watanabe, a racist attack and misogyny beyond Trump, a political grope by Chan of Watanabe. Chan asserts that Watanabe is not Asian but a white woman married to anc Asian. Rich Robinson and Douglas Chan reach to the Nuremberg laws to make a point of bigotry. Ms. Watanabe does not deserve this. What of their child? Is she any less Asian? The comment is disgusting akin to the black hand of Lee Atwater. I have known Rich Robinson since college, but though I have many issues with Council Member Watanabe, I will not be silent when a wife and mother is attacked by two racists.