Letter from James Rowen

I am very proud of the Weekly Staff who are diligently working to get all sorts of stories about the issues of the city council and school elections printed for the public, it is a tremendous effort. I also am very happy to see so many letters to the editor about election issues printed. My critique of the letters focuses around two salient points. Are they written to attract support for the candidates, and do they bring up key issues. Generally, the answer is yes. I understand that there is still the lunatic fringe out there that claim the stadium petitions were legitimate, but it was a judge in a court of law who decided, using precedents going back to the 1920s, that the petitions were invalid. Letters about sign stealing are also a waste of time, and I think the Davis campaign should focus more on reaching to voters than whining about signs. Again, if a letter educates a voter, it is a well written letter, but whining about petitions which every constitutional scholar would agree were invalid, and having campaign staff whining about signs, wastes our time.