Letter From James Rowen

I applaud the editorial policy of the Weekly to print many letters from stadium opponents. It shows a real commitment of the paper to be a responsible chronicle of local opinion. Miles Barber put the question of stadium financing to rest when he demonstrated that the Niners are the ultimate note holder for the debt, pure and simple. For five years, every aspect of the stadium projects has been discussed from the possible destruction of the stadium due to a seagull being sucked into a jetliner, to the city being liable to some horrific foreclosure of City Hall due to the financing plan. Well financed by stadium proponents in Los Angeles, Oakland, and San Francisco, the stadium haters resemble a group of embittered Cassandras offering doom and gloom to their set collection of mindless disciples. When the lights went down in The Stadium by the Bay, all I could think of was the whine of stadium haters about the wise decision to upgrade the power substation by the stadium project in Santa Clara. No doubt the stadium haters will be demanding to know the composition of the chalk on the field in 2015 to determine if residents are being exposed to a carcinogen.