Letter From James Rowen

Before the whine of the stadium naysayers goes louder than a banshee on crack, permit me to point out the three important findings that have to be made for this plan to be approved by the city. One, is the risk manageable? Yes. The debt will be assumed by the stadium authority, and with the equitable partnership of the team and the city, the loans will easily be refinanced into a long-term loan that can be serviced easily through the revenue streams, now larger in scope than once anticipated. Two, does this plan fulfill the voters’ wished? Yes, the financing plan will not affect the general fund, and it will allow the stadium project to proceed with all deliberate speed. Three, will the stadium generate revenue for the city? Yes, the operating costs will now be assumed by the 49ers, and there still is the surcharge for parks, senior centers, and libraries. The stadium facts are the deal is a good one, and the Santa Clara City Council is playing quite fair to bring this deal to the goal line.