Letter From James Rowen

I do believe the concerns of Santa Clara residents about the soccer field issue have a far higher value than mine at this time. However, there are some very key things a group like the Citizens Advisory Committee could be addressing on this issue, and they are not. Indeed, the Santa Clara Citizens Advisory Committees seems to have devolved into a group more interested in converting each other than anyone else. One member spends times making comments before City Council meetings about people in order to keep them from attending, and the others spend a great of time reminding themselves that the Council should not be trusted, though these CAC members do not trust the public enough to share their minutes and agendas. The use of city resources on the soccer field issue is a hot issue, and many residents could expect the CAC to make their views known, but the organization spent more time convincing each other there is something wrong, than going before City Council and telling them something might be wrong. It seems that the CAC might decide to pass a resolution condemning Putin than deal with local issues and local leaders.