Letter from James Rowen

There is nothing wrong with recruiting challengers for school board.  Indeed, my parents worked to elect the first African American to the Santa Clara Unified Board of Trustees, and worked for many years to recruit Latinos.  However, this current effort by the coalition of charter school advocates, Bendis Barn Burners, Santa Clara Plays Fair, and the Stampolis Turtle Party, remind me of the effort of the Lyndon LaRouchers to elect Frank Bowman to the school board.  Reading, writing, and arithmetic, has been replaced by New World Federalism, anti stadiumism, and Eastern European socialism.  This group offers no new ideas.  Sports bad, Santa Clara bad, school adminstrators bad, is the mantra of this crew of montebanks.  The school district that generated outstanding alumni like Eddie Souza, Teresa O’Neill, DeVronna, Schollander, Landsford, will under the Stampolis and Bendis regime produce a class of Milhouses and Arnold Horschaks.  This November understand that Santa Clara schools are not places for political games of locofocos who have a hatred of the Mission City, and egos as large as Hangar One.