Letter From James Daugherty

To the people of Santa Clara:

I’m replying to the article on the Cross removal at Martin and Lafayette. The Freedom From Religion Foundation, FFRF, has been doing these protests against Religion and government, saying separation of Church and State is at stake. My reply to this is a resolution that should be a part of our Constitution, that should resolve the issue.

“Let it be known to all men, that the government of the United States governs by the consent of its citizens, according to the constitution.

There for the government relies on its people, who are guided by their conscience, good will, and spiritual beliefs for their guidance.”

“Let it also be known that to deny them the free choice of spiritual guidance would be a violation of their Civil Rights as established for them by the constitution of the United States”

Note: This last paragraph can have a two edged sword. One religion’s right to suppress or influence another’s religion. The separation is “the free choice.”