Letter from Harry Greenwood

In a recent interview Judge Persky gave, he expressed concern that “public confidence in the judiciary” will be undermined if we are successful in recalling him. Quite the opposite is true. Judicial independence requires that judges are able to set aside conscious or unconscious biases in their courtrooms. However, in multiple decisions in cases of domestic and sexual assault (beyond the infamous Turner case), Persky has shown a notable pattern of leniency towards defendants with athletic prowess and/or social standing. The state constitution has a safeguard to ensure that biased judges can be removed from courtrooms: recall. In addition, to prevent capricious recalls, the requirements for putting a judicial recall on the ballot are unusually high. Judge Persky’s dire warning of “Twitterverse” court decisions are specious. Exercise your constitutional right to remove a judge for whom “blind justice” is a hollow phrase. Vote to recall and replace Judge Persky this June.