Letter from Gary Wesley

Newspapers across California reported that a proposed and potentially disastrous.state law (Senate Bill 827) had “died” in committee on April 17. But when the press left, the State Senate committee voted unanimously for “reconsideration” of the bill and, niceties aside, the Legislature and Governor are always free to enact a law at any time. As currently written, SB 827 would authorize big developers to build residential highrises, without parking, within a quarter mile of every frequent bus stop. That would include not only The Alameda and El Camono Real but every street to which the VTA ever adds frequent bus service. The bill would affect 96% of bus-crossed San Francisco, for example. Our only recourse will be a statewide referendum petition. Local leaders, if any, need to get ready to rally the troops. SB 827 is supported by rich corporate executives who want housing for millions of new employees they wish to import from across the country and around the world. Instead of cramming new highrise housing into existing residential neighborhoods, I suggest new job centers should only be permitted where adjacent housing can also be built.