Letter From Fred Mauldin

Eight years ago the mid-week (Wednesday) get-together car show was born behind the Boston Market on the El Camino and McCormick Dr. with approximately 15 cars. It was a gathering of car enthusiasts to share our prized possessions of our custom, classic and hot rod autos and answer any questions about them. As time progressed, our show became so large we moved across McCormick Dr. to accommodate up to 300 cars that attended our show. It provided the public something to do on a Wednesday afternoon and early evening. The local merchants enjoyed the increase in business because of the walk-in traffic our free show provided.

Now, after eight years, because of the Mervyn’s Shopping Center development, our show as we know it has come to an end temporarily. We are seeking a new location and if you know of one please let me know.

I thank the City of Santa Clara, the nearby residents and the local merchants for all the support they have given me.