Letter from Emily Adorable

Just as in the presidential election this year, voters in Santa Clara Unified also have a clear choice. To ensure a School Board that is level headed, broad minded and willing to listen to all sides, please re-elect incumbents Elisa DeYoung and Albert Gonzalez and elect newcomer Jim VanPernis. These three want to return a spirit of cooperation to the Board, not continue the dysfunction and chaos caused by Board member Ina Bendis. Bendis works to silence all voices but her own and is backing candidates Chris Stampolis and Michele Ryan to help her continue her diatribe against the district. Anyone who has attended a SCUSD Board meeting can see the results of Bendis’s bizarre behavior and her mistrust of district staff. Vote to bring back a Board that works together for the good of the students. Vote DeYoung, Gonzales and Van Pernis for the future of SCUSD!