Letter from Doris Modesitt

Thanks to Steve Chessin (3/28) we now know that we should vote against this Proportional voting. ie. Trump gives Clinton the extra votes that he doesn’t need.Then both could be President.

If I understand this change being proposed which means changing the way Santa Clara votes to a whole new idea. Has any of our surrounding cities changed the manner in which they are voting, I think not!!

I vote for Mary (she qualifies and understands the needs of Santa Clara) Now Bob a newcomer (Does not qualify and but wants to run anyway) You want to take the votes that the voters gave Mary, and give her overage to Bob who does not qualify..

Mary will win but why should Bob? We pick our wining candidate and now her overage is given to Bob. You are violating every voters rights, if we wanted Bob to win, we would have voted for him.