Letter From Dean Rodriguez

I am outraged with the City and the 49ers. As a long time and current coach for SCYSL I have heard the city is proposing moving the Soccer Park to Jenny Strand Park? How they can even think of moving the Soccer Park to this location is an absolute joke. The park is located in the back of a neighborhood setting (which is my neighborhood). This is a neighborhood park for the residents to enjoy; some of us grew up with Jenny and enjoy the park everyday. To open the neighborhood up to countless hours of traffic, noise, speeding cars, garbage is not fair to the residents of the peaceful neighborhood. How about making the mighty 49ers, who have no interest in the kids they are screwing over, find a better non neighborhood location. The city is doing too much to help the 49ers. To think of moving the soccer park to a neighborhood, how about moving it to a neighborhood where our City Council members live, let them deal with all the crap that will come with it. NO SOCCER PARK IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD, THANKS ANYWAY CITY COUNCIL MEMBERS.