Letter From Cynthia Furtado

Remember the day when getting to your baseball game was jumping on your bike? Long before travel teams, there were neighborhood baseball fields. Travel teams are good, but let’s not forget the roots of the game are planted at your neighborhood ball field. We need to give homage to them. It’s the place where everyone gathers to cheer their team on, munch good eats and create lifelong memories.

Webster’s says bullying is: 1: to treat abusively, to affect by means of force. Our baseball fields are being bullied. Leagues could give you accounts of senseless destruction resulting in dollars spent in repairs or replacement. Monies meant for the kids. Recently, one Sunday night in March at Lou Vierra Field, the stair railing leading to the scorekeeping booth was kicked down! Why??

These fields are special places in Santa Clara for our families and for some they’re like old friends that have earned the right to be respected. By us reporting any suspicious activity, TOGETHER we can protect our baseball fields.