Letter From Craig Larsen

Santa Clara’s Revolving Door Politicians.

You’ve seen them on the Council – win office, re-elected, term out, run again – rinse and repeat. They maintain the status quo, which benefits entrenched special interests to ensure a continuity of influence in Santa Clara. These special interests donate generously from one revolving door candidate to the next. Think thousands of special interest dollars donated to revolving door candidates don’t influence their judgment or decisions on the City Council – really? As Miles Barber said – “Follow the money.” These re-cycled candidates seem to feel as if they are the only Santa Clarans capable of running a city. I think Santa Clara has many educated, talented, resourceful, and dedicated residents capable of running the City government, deserving of the opportunity to serve and prove their worth. It is time to let new faces grace the City Council and show the revolving door politicians the way “out.”