Letter From Craig Larsen

Levi’s Stadium Incident Reporting

22 to 30 arrests are made at each Levi’s Stadium 49er game. Arrests are cataloged into the SCPD Arrest Log. The public must access the SCPD website to download the Arrest Log. The SCPD also informs the public of arrests via their weekly Police Blotter. The Blotter is more visible to the public via the SC Weekly and the Nextdoor website, among others.

Only a portion of Arrest Log incidents are reported in the Blotter. The SCPD guidelines deciding which items are reported in the Blotter include: “Similar calls for service taking place with frequency, targeting a specific population and/or occurring in a particular area”. And yet, the numerous incidents repeatedly occurring at or near Levi’s Stadium never appear in the Blotter.

To prevent the appearance of preferential treatment, the SCPD should provide a summary of arrests made at or near Levi’s Stadium after each major event, especially NFL games.